Appeals & GrievancesStephanie Means, PGG
Arts & CraftsJerri Crompton #19

Choir CompetitionNan James #1
CourtesyMary Hill, PGG
CredentialsMaria Criswell, PGG
Educational LoansVicki Cooke, VGG
Degree of Royal PurpleGrand Bethel Trustees
FinanceMarge Christiansen, PGG
Forget Me Not AwardGG, AGG, VGG & VAGG
Grand SessionMarge Christiansen, PGG
H.I.K.E. FundMaria Criswell, PGG
Honor BethelErin Jespersen Grand Guide
Regis Michelena G. Inner Guard
Jr. Miss Wyoming Job's DaughterKathy Shenefelt, PBG
JurisprudenceKonne Rife, PGG
Librarian/Scrapebook CompetitionSusan Miner #&

LocationsErin Jespersen Grand Guide
Regis Michelena G. Inner Guard
Long Range PlanningExecutive Grand Council
Promotion & Membership & Jobie to BeeStephanie Ludwig #19
Miss Wyoming Job's DaughterKerri Lewis #48
NecrologyChelsea Porter Laughlin #48
ParlimentarianMike James
Preforming ArtsNan James, #1
Publications Kathy Wiekhorst
Marge Christiansen
Craig Henderson
Ritual CompetitionLinda Cole, Grand Marshal
Paul Lincoln, G Outer Guard
Scrapbooking CommitteeBecky Arwood, PBG
Sewing CompetitionTracey Malone #1

Shrine Bowl LiaisonKerri Lewis, #48
Summer CampVickie Cooke, VGG
Supreme Travel 2015Kayleen Logan
Supreme Team CoachChelsea Porter Laughlin #48
Stephanie Ludwig #19
Shelby Porter #48
Supreme Miss Wyoming Coach
Jessica Blackman, #3
Supreme Visitations
Sept 11-12
Kayleen Logan, GG
WebsiteMarge Christiansen, PGG